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Star Wars: Battlefront download

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Some gameplay from earlier version:

Star Wars Battlefront III

Everyone should know that game, if you have not played earlier versions, then download this one now, because it is for free. Feeling the ominous thud of an AT-AT stomping down on the frozen tundra of Hoth. Rebel forces firing blasters as Imperial speeder bikes zip through the lush forests of Endor. Intense dogfights between squadrons of X-wings and TIE fighters filling the skies. Immerse yourself in the epic Star Wars battles you’ve always dreamed of and create new heroic moments of your own in Star Wars Battlefront.




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More info about Battlefront 3 Free Torrent Download

The third installment in the popular series of tactical shooters with the action set in the Star Wars universe. Players can take part in spectacular battles involving a stake is to win the war for control of the galaxy. The title is the first game in the acquis studio DICE LA and uses the Frostbite 3 engine capabilities. Star Wars: Battlefront is the first game created as a result of the collaboration group company Electronic Arts and Disney Interactive, after it was closed studio LucasArts. Deweloping title was entrusted to the studio DICE LA, which was created specifically for productions on the Star Wars license. The game transports players to iconic Star Wars universe, where it takes fierce struggle for control of the galaxy. Advocating on one side of the conflict, players have the chance to turn the tide in their favor. As befits a product licensed Star Wars: Battlefront is rich in elements referring to the film saga of George Lucas. Fans of Star Wars so they can visit the well-known locations, and also see in action many of the characteristic units (eg. AT-AT or X-Wing). On the technical side the game designers use of the opportunities Frostibite 3 engine (also used in Battlefield 4 and Need For Speed ​​Rivals). It offers high-quality, three-dimensional graphic design with advanced environmental destruction.

If you dont want download game from this page then you wont download at all because it is the only working game in internet at the moment installer takes a whiel to install and download because it is great game as star wars game im fan btw.  The game is about the military rivalry among Galactic Empire and the Alliance, so take control of a specific soldier, participating in various military actions. A very important element of the whole is thus a multiplayer mode that supports up to 64 users. There is also the option to play a sole proprietorship, greatly expanded relative to the first part (non-linear mission system with a strong ground feature). Virtual reality is housed as many as 12 planets, among which there are also celestial bodies (and Utapau Mustafar), well known from Revenge of the Sith (Revenge of the Sith), which is the third episode of the Star Wars film. Battles are fought not only on the ground and in the air, but also in the vast interstellar space and inside the various space vehicles (ship Princess Leia, Star of Death, etc.). Of course, in action, in addition to the standard infantry (many models of weapons), we see a lot of types of war machines – eg. The classic X-Wing fighters and TIE Fighter as well as powerful Star Destroyers and nimble YT-1300 freighters. Furthermore, finally, we see the legendary Jedi, using the confrontation lightsabers and Force. However, they are not invincible and devastatingly effective warriors as it may seem to some. You can play as jedi of course but more fun is to shot from blaster as in all star wars games especially battlefront

Other game from star wars universe is Star Wars the old republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic takes place 300 years after the second part of the Knights of the Old Republic. The story so about 3-4 thousand years before the events known from six popular films, but nevertheless also focuses on the struggle of two opposing factions: the Jedi, representing the Galactic Republic and the followers of the dark side, known as the Sith Empire. After a long clash between the two sides have concluded a temporary alliance and the galaxy at peace. Unfortunately, the agreement is extremely fragile. The company BioWare has decided to continue the tradition characteristic for each other and create complex narrative history to thereby break the tendency to deprive MMO threads powerful feature. The Old Republic highlights the previously undiscovered episode in expanding the fictional world of Star Wars and presents complicated stories. During the game we too many dynamic, “dormitory” dialogues, in which the selection of responses decide all members of the group. The decision of the players often depends on the course of the mission and even its completion. In the same game we can stand on one of the two parties and be both a lightsaber wielding Jedi Knight (Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular) and clad in dark robes Sith (Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor). Apart from these the most characteristic classes, we were offered a few others. In addition to the members of the Jedi, the Republic also represented: Smuggler (Smuggler) and Soldier (Trooper). Opposite ranks supply while the Bounty Hunter (Bounty Hunter) and Sith warriors (Sith Warrior). Individual heroes are characterized by different styles of fighting. For example, Smuggler can use the system and lead guards firing from hiding. The core gameplay, story extended beyond said, is to explore, fight and develop their skills (ie. Form). An interesting patent is the ability to befriend companions (NPC), who will move with us into battle. An example would be Dashade, a representative of the hunting breeds Jedi – eager to ally themselves with the Sith. Relations with comrades depend on our actions – if not will proceed according to their wishes we can expect from them appropriate comment, and even betrayal. Building a strong team is very important because subordinates assist in the collection of raw materials, creating objects and performing secondary tasks. Commands crew spend from the vessel which is both a means of transport and the base of each of the players. Most jobs offered by the game can be done without the help of other players. Of course, however, it is much funnier fun with your friends, the more that some missions require participation in the group. In addition to the extensive PvE gameplay modes authors have prepared a lot of competition. One of the most spectacular examples are the so-called “battlegrounds” or zones feature battles in which two teams fight for certain strategic objectives (eg. Work allowing destroy the approaching cruiser). As for Star Wars befits our area of ​​operations is not limited to only one planet. We have visited most of the known worlds (eg. Coruscant, Tython, Korriban), but also some brand new, and even fight in space battles (realized in the form of Shooting “on rails”). Some planets are dominated by a particular faction, and on the other the struggle for primacy still pending. Although individual land differ radically from each other, all share a great graphic design and styling. The game engine is ideal for impressive landscapes. Characters and environments are maintained in a slightly comic style.

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