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Over the last decade a series of Europa Universalis went through a faithful group of enthusiasts and at the same time titer of one of the most important in the genre of computer strategy. The team developer Paradox Interactive long, because more than six years told to wait for the fourth installment (third part was published in early 2007), trying to hit it in the tastes of the fans. The model of earlier views cycle in Europa Universalis IV, players take on the role of eminence grise who directs the development of the country over the centuries. This time, with a choice of more than 250 ethnic groups inhabiting almost the entire globe. Depending on the scenario the length of the historical period of the game can be as high as nearly 400 years (the main campaign). The task is so complex that in the hands of the player is a whole spectrum of issues related to governance – from the body, through foreign policy, trade, economy and social structure, and scientific research, military, military actions, world exploration and colonization of new territories the ending. In Europa Universalis IV, the developers decided to enrich the well-known fans of mechanics with new elements. One significant innovation is a system of Monarch Power, in which the personality of the ruler affect the ability to take action (for example, monarch of warlike disposition will quickly develop military technologies). Spore changes were also made in the sphere of diplomacy and trade. Game developers have tried for a solid foundation in history. The EU IV appears 4 thousand. the names of heads of state and a galaxy of other characters from history textbooks cards. Care was also emphasis on the most important events in history, which often have an impact on the game. The game features several gameplay modes, both single-player and multiplayer play via the Internet. In the struggle multiplayer can participate up to 32 people. Depending on the option selected is possible cooperation or competition. Europa Universalis IV is based on the proven, but continuously upgraded engine Clausewitz Engine 2.5, which previously was used, among others, Games Victoria II and Crusader Kings II. Compared with the previous installment of the series a lot of effort has gone into improving the visual layer. Three-dimensional map of the world in the game is made with regard to the course of borders of historical provinces, as well as applying the proper terrain and dynamic representation of the changing seasons.

Europa Universalis IV – Computer game genre grand strategy wargame set in the realities of the modern era, produced and published by the Swedish company Paradox Interactive. The premiere of the game took place in 2013 in a version for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Unix. Europa Universalis IV is the fourth numerically and chronologically fifth (after the game Europa Universalis: Rome), part of a series of war games called Europa Universalis. The player takes control of it over any historical state in the years 1444-1820, trying to bring them to the name of power by the administration held areas, promote the development of trade, conduct diplomacy and military action. The game is played on a board divided into provinces, with which the player draws its income is spent on current expenses.Europa Universalis IV is the creative development of mechanisms known from previous parts of the series numerically, Europe Universalis III. In addition to a renewed graphic engine smuggles new solutions in the game, partly borrowed from additives to Europe Universalis III (national decision making, diversification rebels and the like game mechanics), and in part novel in the series. Among other things, the funding of technological development and the stabilization of the state has been simplified thanks to the points system the monarch; has changed the way of conducting interstate commerce.Europa Universalis IV was produced in Paradox Development Studio, whose main staff were designers Johan Andersson and Thomas Johansson. The main aim of the creators was to simplify the interface of the game and making it more accessible to newcomers. The effect of the changes was positive reception of game by critics who praised the gameplay changes to the series and audiovisual setting. Europa Universalis IV is also gaining popularity among players using digital distribution system Steam.

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