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Key features:

  • noob-friendly interface
  • ability to add diamonds, gems, candies
  • you can change game variables, such as best score and times played
  • easy and fast download
  • no malware inside
  • works with both iOS and Android
  • undetectable
  • Unlocks all birds by one click

How to download

  1. Click button
  2. Click DOWNLOAD
  3. Choose one of the offers.
  4. You must complete an offer. When you finish, wait a few seconds. System must accept this.
  5. Your download will start automatically


Download link for windows

For connecting devices to PC

Download link for Android

For hacking directly from device

Download link for iOS

For hacking directly from iDevice (requires jailbreak)

Game description

Control of the Do not Touch The Spikes limited to a single operation, touch anywhere on the screen when you want to make our bird rose up. However, unlike titles such as Flappy Bird, still not moving ahead, and in a closed room. On its walls from time to time in random places spikes emerge. Our task is to avoid them and collecting candy emerging.

What a positive surprise in the Do not Touch The Spikes is the amount of additional items. For collected in the game goodies we can not only unlock other birds, but also expand your park. We are also waiting for a few modes of play. Thanks to this game can appeal to not only the fans continuously improving results. Compete with your friends helps integration with Google Play. Do not Touch The Spikes has a very interesting graphics performance that is gaining a lot of thanks to the consistency of all the elements. Because the title is available for free can be found in the micro and annoying advertising. Even if Flappy Bird not pleased you liked, you might want to give a chance Do not Touch The Spikes.
The message title is clear – do not touch the spikes. And that closes all the rules in force in the game. As befits a solid production skill, the task will not be easy belonged to a specially. And even though the mechanics are simplified as much as possible – the game itself is able to keep in suspense until the last second, though the same round will not last long – especially at the beginning of our adventure. The same production easiest way to compare me to the mechanics of the type of Flappy Bird on a closed arena filled with spikes. Sounds scary, does not it?
And while fitting the game does not indicate it – is in fact extremely nicely in a fairly frugal style, we must admit that the first few rounds of the Do not Touch The Spikes can we bedraggle some nerves. Later, once though small degree of peacefulness and mechanics there in force of law, the case will be a little bit easier. But do not expect to learn a memory schemas. Spikes that appear on local walls, are random, also of any formula can forget.

Our hero steer in the easiest possible way, which is simply tapping the screen. Then he rises and falls slightly higher in the direction where flown. When dobrnie to the wall, changes direction, and so to the point where we include not making contact with the protruding wall spikes. It is also worth noting that during the game you can collect appearing in random locations sweet candies, which are one of the existing in-game currencies.
The second are crystals that we can win by building a park in the special modes and hunting birds there przefruwające. For gained currency we buy new characters. Oh, we should also mention that when a classic rivalry with the greatest amount of points you would simply get tired (and looking at the tables with the zdemotywować can, believe), you can delve into dueling mode. There’s three victories compete with ptaszyskiem that wants to deprive us win. When we manage to win, on our account affects a set of candy, which we can squander buying access to new duels, or other gadgets: in the expansion of the park or new species.

The Do not Touch The Spikes not specifically pinned high hopes. It turns out, however, that if Flappy Bird and dozens of his clones not really to my liking, here I played great and really it was difficult to break away from the game. The game is available for free on both Google Play and AppStorze (tested) – both versions are sprinkled with a healthy dose of ads that annoy and irritate. You can remove them from within the app for 1.99 euros.

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