Hi! We are propably the newest hacking group in internet (and the best ;D). As you may know, there are many fake hacks for games. When I downloaded one of those, I said ‘fuck, I am really stupid…’. I really needed that hack. After that I started to learn something about programming, because I wanted to do hacks on my own! Now, after about 3 years, I am really experienced programmer. I am proud of my work! As my proggres was growing, I was developing some hacks and cracks. I used to sell them, but it was not fair. Everyone should be able to at least know, what those hacks do.

As my experience was growing, I started to look for someone who could help me. I found some people, they are my friends now. We have created a hacking group “OurHacksRocks”. Now, we are pleased to share our hacks to you! Add this page to your bookmarks and visit us often!


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