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About the game Batman Arkham Knight :

Batman: Arkham Knight is the fourth part of the popular action series devoted to the adventures of Batman. This time the Dark Knight will face the Scarecrow (Scarecrow), who terrorized Gotham City, as well as with a group of super villains who want to defeat the combined forces of Man-Bat once and for all. In this team of villains they were, among others, Penguin, Harvey “Two Faces” Dent, or Harley Quinn. He also appeared a new enemy – the title Knight of Arkham.

Batman: Arkham Knight is the fourth installment in a series of action games with the Dark Knight. After weaker Review Guidelines Part Three, Batman: Arkham Origins, the publisher decided to re-entrust the work of the studio Rocksteady, responsible for the success of the first two games of the cycle: Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) and Batman: Arkham City (2011). Like those of Hitchcock, the action Batman: Arkham Knight starts with an earthquake. Scarecrow (Scarecrow), an old enemy of Batman in Gotham City deployed a bomb with fear toxin. The confusion resulting from the evacuation of residents used the most dangerous opponents of Batman. They dominated desolate Gotham City police pushed onto the defensive with Commissioner Gordon at the forefront and united to finally defeat the Man-Bat. Among these villains they were, among others, Penguin, Harvey “Two Faces” Dent and Harley Quinn. In addition to known antagonists appears another one – the title Knight of Arkham, the new enemy of Batman. In terms of gameplay Batman: Arkham Knight is an action game with the view from a third person perspective (TPP), and the mechanic is similar to what was presented in earlier scenes. However introduced a lot of small changes – for example. You can knock out multiple foes or striking points lying opponents. Also returned a modified system of attacking. This time, The Dark Knight fighting must be more careful, because they can catch him not only stronger opponents, but less significant “hurdles”. New to the series is the introduction Man-Bat vehicle, well known in comic books and movies. Using the Dark Knight Batmobile can quickly move from place to place, firing rockets, stun opponents, as well as catapult you to immediately switch to glide in the air, well-known from previous visits. It is worth noting that the gameplay in Arkham Knight moves to the central zone of Gotham City, which is divided into three separate areas. The entire map is also five times greater than that presented in Arkham City. The fourth edition of the adventures of Batman is based on Unreal Engine technology. Artwork was, however, corrected the previous views. Refined, among others, character models, and the cape of Batman got a new, advanced physics. Also resigned from prerenderowanych cutscenes, which are presented directly on the game engine.

In an extremely impressive series finale “Arkham”, Batman will face the ultimate threat to the town, which has sworn to defend.

Scarecrow returns to create a unique team of super villains, which include, among others, Penguin, Two Faces and Harley Quinn. Their goal is one – once and for all deal with the Dark Knight. In “Batman: Arkham Knight” will be a unique project Batmobile, created by Rocksteady, which for the first time in the history of the series will be carried out. Besides this legendary vehicle and critically acclaimed gameplay of the series “Batman Arkham”, players learn about the world of Batman like never before – will be able to explore the streets and the sky over all of Gotham City.

Batman: Arkham Knight is an action-adventure video game developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One video game consoles and Microsoft Windows. Based on the DC Comics superhero Batman, is the successor of Warner Bros. Games Montreal 2013 video game Batman: Arkham Origins and the fourth in the main Batman: Arkham series. Arkham Knight was released on June 23 worldwide by 2015.

Written by Sefton Hill, Lancaster and Paul Martin Crocker is Arkham Knight is based on the comic book franchise is durable myths. Set one year after the events of 2011 in Batman: Arkham City, the main story of the game occurs when Batman confronts the Scarecrow, who launched an attack on Gotham City to life, so that the evacuation of the entire town. From the mysterious Arkham Knight, an original character created for the game aided, scarecrow combines the greatest enemy of Batman in action to finally kill the Dark Knight. The game will be presented with a third person perspective with a focus on the fight Batman and stealth capabilities, detective skills and gadgets that can be used both in combat and exploration. Arkham Knight also leads the Batmobile as playable vehicle that can be used to transport or to fight. The game extends the arsenal of Batman gadgets and physical attacks and provides a more open structure in the world, allowing the player to complete side missions from the original story.

Batman: Gotham City the game, at the beginning of the article is open to players Arkham, so he set out to travel freely anywhere within the borders. Because the more charge-transfer it to move to any place in the game. [2] In many electronic devices, including the last game before pitchers and criminal batarangs total anchor line vision system to return to Arkham gameplay elements. [3] The “switch” is attempting to total as a result of the suspension or arm themselves, weapons and enemies of their enemy drones Dome, booby-trap boxes weapons, French, and you can shock the Batman tag to track the vehicle. [4] Some devices, such as Batman batarangs line launcher or slide during use. Dragon is now faster, more flying, swimming, Batman can be a player with a steep flight of the city that you can use your own coat up. [5], in the air, when I immediately fired twice now, the pistol used to be scattered in the gliding direction switch moves the grapneling chain. [6] [7] The new sensor, throw the Batarang can get information about the state of the environment. [7]

The ability to combine attack enemies, including rolling without stopping the series of changes in the battle system. [5] increases the damage you can throw the other to the Batman enemy attack. Start of main enemy attack enemies and common but now you can use and charge the previous game; Batarang timely tax rate is now defeat any enemy. They win not yet been found, Arkham Knight while, at the same time it is “dangerous” to the lead dismantled three enemies can take Batman; The time allowed after each player is to aim to slow next opponent. [8] producers struggle to integrate risk to the environment and energy fields. [3] [5] Batman bat of the same items as well enemy shook many broken arms acquisition prior to disarm the enemy. [9] the impact of armed enemies to get some Batman weapons. [10]

Arkham night when FreeFlow combat, easy to “double play”, leads his fellow Robin Nightwing and Catwoman, Batman, players can control. Attacks As a result, successful battle between players without interruption over transport between the individual control characters, with the result that the two teams are not open enemies. [11] [12]

Knight in Batman Arkham space missions that can be used at any time, and the best character. [11] characters, drop by 243 Lee “Lee challenged to stop,” he resolved. The problem is, each round of selection of a barrier to Batmobile, environmental changes. 13 Avoid using a gadget or hidden trophy Batmobile traps and obstacles, and collect the conflict [14] Batman Arkham find evidence to identify the perpetrators of crimes such as murder explore 14 introduced a similar function to the original Location Can Scanners said. [15 hacking mini-games throughout the game controller rumble. [7] to release the lock, and then complete Story mode with “New Game Plus’ mode allows all players to their own devices, the experience, skills and reach a drop in prizes to play the game. [16]

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