Since I have played EUIV on steam, I was wondering how to get the “three mountains” achievement. You have to conquer whole world as ryukyu, single-province island state in the middle of the sea. It is fucking impossible.

Another example: You really want to get respect from your Steam Friends. Send him your profile, filled with all possible achievemnts. They wont know taht you are hacking ;)

Finally, after long developement (my frist hacked Steam Achievements were from october 2013) I release it to you!

Supported games

This hack supports every game on steam, even if it not mentioned on the list. Type the game’s shop id and you are done.


This hack is undetectable by VAC. I wrote that personally, just trust my coding and cracking skills (more in about us). The most important thing: you don’t have to type your username & password. When you launch this hack, application will connect to actually logged steam user.

Three mountains achievement achieved. I was not hacking at all :P

Three mountains achievement achieved. I was not hacking at all :P My first beta was just working. Now it is even better!

Hack is free to use, no risk of VAC detection.

Key features of this free Steam Achievement hack :

  • Noob-friendly interface
  • works for every game
  • no risk of detecion
  • free to use
  • easy to use
  • works really fast


How to download Steam Achievement hack

  1. Click button
  2. Click DOWNLOAD
  3. Choose one of the offers.
  4. You must complete an offer. When you finish, wait a few seconds. System must accept this.
  5. Your download will start automatically



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